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Brain Food
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Nomatron provides custom visual data services including CAD conversions, 3D Modeling, Image Rendering, and Tagging in support of AI training.

3D & 2D Solutions

Per your specifications, we can support you in developing the materials you need to train AI to spatially recognize objects and environments. We can provide:


COCO / MS-COCO Dataset Annotation


CAD Conversion & Remodeling


3D Models & Animations


2D Rendered Images and Animations

Built to Your Specifications

Tell us what you need and how you need it and we will do the rest!

Machine Learning Support

We can generate visual data as a services so you can free up your time from managing artists to focus on your code.

Process Automation

We are always looking for ways to make things eaier and faster! We can work with you to figure out paths of least resistance.

Contact Us About a Project

Send us a note and let’s see if we can be of service!

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